Room & apartment charges

All room rates are prices starting from. Prices may vary during the tourist season in the area and major events taking place in the surrounding areas (such as Himos Midsummer, Neste Rally, Metko, major summer festivals, etc.) It is also worth asking for an offer!

Evening sauna is included in the price of all rooms. The sauna is available to our guests between 7 pm and 9 pm. The schedule can be agreed separately with the groups.

The price of the hotel room includes bed linen and towels. Spare bed in the room 20 €/night.

Breakfast is available on request for 9 €/person, children under 10 years free of charge.


Room prices, starting from

  • Single room 49 € / night
  • Single room with own bathroom 59 € / night
  • Double room 69 € / night
  • Double room with own bathroom 79 € / night
  • Triple room with own bathroom 99 € / night
  • Quadruple room with own bathroom 129 € / night


Residential apartments rates with own kitchen and bathroom, starting from

  • Apartment for two people 99 € / night
  • Apartment for three people 139 € / night
  • Apartment for four people 169 € / night



For groups and those staying longer, ask for an offer on special prices.


Master Card, Visa and MobilePay.