Heräpirtti - charming meeting place

Heräpirtti serves as a venue for meetings, various parties, camps, courses, and other larger events. Heräpirtti can receive guests up to 100 people. Guests can enjoy, for example, nature exercise and a charming lakeside sauna with a campfire site and swings for children.

Heräpirtti is a former wooden school building that is more than 100 years old.

It has been renovated over time by the current owner family, respecting the original spirit of the house.

The layout of the building has indications of the Art Nouveau style. The old school was completed in 1919 and served as a village school for educational use until 1967.

Heräpirtti is located on the shores of Lake Heräjärvi in Jämsä, just over 10 kilometers from the center of Jämsä.

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Heräpirti beach sauna